My glorious unraveling began in a worship service where my heart was finally quiet enough to hear the words the Holy Spirit had for me.

Through tear-filled eyes and a heart heavy with the carrying a weight I was not meant to bear, He spoke to me, “You are not your work.”

That was the beginning of transformation.  

God began to work a change in my heart. One that resulted in recognizing how I had idolized my work, my achievements and my strivings over glorifying my Father and having a heart that was obedient and submitted to His will.

I had put profit over pursuit of His word and His thoughts toward me and I hadn’t even realized it.

From that journey, Kindled was born out of a desire to engage women in a conversation about one of the most  important and yet overlooked intersections of our lives – that of our motherhood and our work.  With the perspective that every mom is a “working mom,” I’m asking questions to uncover the stories behind women’s lives and seeking to draw attention to the signposts that point each of us to Hope Himself.


Haley Williams lives in Kansas City with her husband Joey and their two daughters Isla and Juliette. Haley owns H. Williams Creative, a boutique web design firm and is a business coach to female entrepreneurs at Haley Williams Co.

Haley started Kindled as a way to share her journey of work and motherhood and engage in meaningful conversations with other women on the topics that make up her every day.


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