Episode 96


Aundi Kolber

Try Softer | Aundi Kolber | Ep. 96

Jan 6, 2020

I’m one of those people who defaults to “trying harder.” So when I got an email from Aundi’s publicist, I admit I wasn’t sure about this concept.

But as I came to learn from talking with Aundi in this interview, sometimes the healthiest, most productive approach is to stop pushing and striving in the same old ways, and give ourselves permission to treat ourselves with the kindness God already has for us.

Aundi gives insight as a therapist and Christian about healing from depression, anxiety and stress in God-honoring and psychologically effective ways. She draws on biblical principles and new insights from the last decade of research in neuroscience and psychology to help unpack how to equip and align mind, body and soul to better live into the truth of who God made us to be.

Listen in as we discuss what it means to “try softer.”

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