When God Does More with your Less | Liz Griffin | Ep. 72

When God Does More with your Less | Liz Griffin | Ep. 72

Jul 22, 2019

She was 36 when she had a stroke. 
And she survived.

But not without marks from the battle.

What followed was a year of unimaginable struggles, challenges and losses that left her feeling like she was approaching the same life, just with less. Less energy, fewer skills, her great love of writing changed in an instant as simply remembering the words took a level of mental energy that left her completely drained.

Liz’s story will remind you that God can do abundantly more than we ask or imagine, even when we figuratively (and literally) have less. Sometimes that’s when we see Him most clearly. And sometimes that’s exactly where He intends to show us who He is in all His fullness.

Whether you face physical challenges today, emotional shortfalls or spiritual battles that seem never-ending, I pray this conversation reminds you of the God who is on your side. The God who does so much more with our “less.” 

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