Kindled Podcast is a place where moms discuss work, motherhood and the grace we need for both. As we have meaningful, grace-filled conversations about every day issues in light of truth, we are led to deeper dependence and faith. Every episode offers encouragement from a biblical worldview and reminds you of your true source of our hope – not your work or your motherhood, but Jesus.

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Hi! I’m Haley Wiliams and this strapping young lad is my husband, Joey. 

We rarely look this fancy. It was for my sister’s wedding.

I started Kindled out of a deep desire to engage in conversations with other believers on topics surrounding work, motherhood and grace.

As a work-from-home entrepreneur and a mom of two, I often find myself in a place of needing to break down and flesh out just what the Gospel means for my work and my motherhood.

Kindled is where I do that every single week through a meaningful conversation with a friend, teacher or mentor and you get to listen in.

I’m so glad you’re here, and it is my sincere prayer you find not just others like yourself in the stories women share in this community, but that you find Hope Himself.