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Kindled Podcast is a place where we discuss truth and grace, boldly. Every episode offers gospel hope and encouragement as it unpacks the topic covered from a biblical worldview. Through these honest conversations, love for God and His people is kindled in our hearts and we are led into a deeper, more profound understanding of our need and His faithfulness. 

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Hi! I’m Haley Williams.

I often find myself in a place of needing to break down and flesh out just what the Gospel means for my work, motherhood and daily life. Just how the truth of God’s word impacts me and how I can live it out, boldly. 


Each week, I have a conversation on Kindled that does just that. Sometimes it’s a meaningful chat with a friend or one with a teacher or mentor that we BOTH benefit from. Sometimes I share something that’s on my heart in a solo episode. Whatever it is, I pray you find truth and hope through these episodes that points you back to Jesus, regardless of the topic. 

I’m so glad you’re here, and it is my sincere prayer you find not just others like yourself in the stories women share in this community, but that you find Hope Himself.