About Kindled

A podcast on motherhood, work and the grace we need for both. 

The heart behind Kindled is to engage women in a conversation about one of the most delicate and important intersections of our lives – that of our motherhood and our work.  This sometimes hard-to-discuss topic of the intersection of their work and their motherhood. Believing that every mom is a “working mom,” I’m asking questions to uncover the stories behind women’s lives and how they are “doing it” in hopes that we can point each other to Jesus in our very different stories.

Whether women stay at home full time, work full time, whatever, I’m inviting them to share their story, heart and the hope they have within them. I pray other mothers hear the voice of a friend saying “me too… BUT GOD.” My goal with this show is to turn the spotlight back to the truth – to shine a light on the freedom we have in Christ and the higher calling of the gospel: to live for Him in whatever season or rhythm of life you are in right now – whether you are content in your work or longing for something more, to hear women say “Jesus is better” while encouraging one another in truth.

Haley Williams lives in Kansas City with her husband Joey and their two daughters Isla and Juliette. Haley owns two businesses, The Yellow Peony, a bridal accessories business and H. Williams Creative, a boutique web design firm. 

Haley started Kindled as a way to share her journey of work and motherhood and engage in meaningful conversations with other women on the topic.