Kindled Podcast is a podcast for women to discuss motherhood, work and the grace we need for both.

Everything from the latest best practices in SEO for your business to parenting to occupying your God-given space, whatever that may be, if the topic is one you as a woman face in your life, it’s game for the show. 

But the heart behind the show is not to have fruitless discussions but discussions that lead us to Jesus. To the reality of our need, to the heart of God and His best for our lives: being fully known and fully loved, regardless of our performance, achievement or lack thereof in our work OR our motherhood.

Every episode offers encouragement from a biblical worldview and reminds you of your true source of our hope – Christ alone. Listen at one of the channels below!


Working from Home as a Mom of 8: Bonni Greiner | Ep. 4

Bonni is giving away 3 copies of her newest book There's an Easier Way. Head over to our instagram to enter! Contest ends February 16, 2018. In this episode I talked with Bonni Greiner of Mom By Example - a ministry for mothers where Bonni shares her tips on...

How I Started my Business “The Yellow Peony” on Etsy | Ep. 3

I love stories of how businesses got their start. That's why I decided to share mine! It's always less glamorous and effortless as it seems from the outside.  In this episode I share how my bridal accessories line The Yellow Peony got its start in my planning and...

You are not your roles and responsibilities | Ep. 2

So often, we mistake our roles and responsibilities for WHO WE ARE. We are defined by our work, our mothering, and our perception or or other peoples' perception of our success or failure at either. Join me in Episode 2 as I talk about my own struggle with identity...

Welcome to Kindled | Ep. 1

On today’s episode of the kindled podcast, I’m introducing myself and explaining why I decided to start the podcast and what is behind my heart for moms. I share how a podcast was pretty much last on my list when I started thinking about serving moms a few months ago....