Racism, Justice & Culture

Chantal Monique Duson

A Biblical Look at Racism, Justice & Culture | Monique Duson | Ep. 121

Jun 9, 2020

The murder of George Floyd on May 25 sent the United States into a nationwide cultural discussion on racism and justice. 

There are many voices offering many solutions to the problems that ail society. But how do we look at this issue as Christians?

What answer does the Bible have for the sin and evil we see in society in both individuals and our systems of government? 

How do we respond as Christians to the call of the world to “divest of our whiteness” and embrace the narrative offered by Critical Race Theory that so many (including many Christians) are letting guide the discussion?

This is what Monique and I are discussing today. Monique is the founder of the Center for Biblical Unity and a Racial Unity Advocate.

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