A Story of Marriage, Divorce & Reconciliation | Cheryl Scruggs | Ep. 63

A Story of Marriage, Divorce & Reconciliation | Cheryl Scruggs | Ep. 63

May 20, 2019

Today I’m so excited to share an interview with a woman I look up to so much, Cheryl Scruggs.

Cheryl and her husband Jeff have a nonprofit called Hope for Marriages where they support couples in reconciling their marriages and they also co-wrote “I Do Again.”


Cheryl and Jeff spent 10 together in a disappointing marriage, only to get divorced and stay separated for 7 years. But that was not the end of their story. Theirs is one of unbelievable reconciliation that could only be possible with a God like ours.
I love their story not just because of the happy ending but because of the way God used their stories and hearts to change them and impact others as they submitted to His will. Regardless of the outcome of any tough situation or divorce, this is something He can (and promises to!) do for each of us. 
I was blessed by this conversation realizing some of the ways we can go awry in our marriages and was spurred on in so many ways by her wisdom. Enjoy! 

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