Apathy vs. Anxiety in Our Health & Nutrition | Bethany Thomson | Ep. 60

Apr 30, 2019

This episode is for those of us that tend to fall into the ditches of apathy and anxiety on the road to lasting and sustainable wholesome living. Maybe I’m just talking to myself here, but for me, the struggle is real.
Bethany Thompson is an Integrative and Functional dietitian and food sensitivity specialist by trade and many of her clients are struggling with autoimmune conditions, G.I. issues, and other concerns.
Her passion is to help busy mama’s find rest, joy and freedom in the midst of chronic illness or just weary postpartum bodies! Often times we as mamas struggle with a balance between apathy and anxiety when it comes to our health. Bethany helps women discover what it means to live a life centered in rest and how that can affect all areas of our health, family and business/service to others. She loves helping them find solutions to chronic health concerns while trusting the Lord for ultimate healing (and one-day resurrection bodies!) 

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