Come as you are, but don’t stay that way | Whitney Capps | Ep. 75

Come as you are, but don’t stay that way | Whitney Capps | Ep. 75

Aug 13, 2019

Our world is filled with fake facades, form the unrealistic filters on social media to the “holier than thou” personas seen in certain hypocritical believers.

To combat the fake trends, a new trend has emerged–one that fights the facade with transparency and vulnerability. But is the “god” of brokenness, realness and honesty left us with a glorification of “Messy Christianity?” Are we elevating brokenness, focusing on self obsession rather than being changed? Rather than being truly transformed?

Whitney Capps and I discuss exchanging the message of brokenness for becoming better – not better versions of ourselves, but simply being more like Jesus. Self-help is a self-defeating prophecy. This is about not staying stuck in the junk we all have, but recognizing the privilege and gift we have of being transformed by Jesus because of his work and the Gospel.

Sponsor: Stefanie Gass

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