Education Mini-Series

Jan 13, 2020

Welcome to the Education Mini-Series! 

In this introduction, Haley gives a preface to this 3-part mini-series in which you’ll hear from 6 women who, along with their husbands, have all chosen different routes for educating their kids. You’ll hear from two who chose public school, two who chose homeschooling and two who chose private school.

As believers in Jesus, we have the great privilege and responsibility of teaching our kids about Jesus and praying God uses our instruction to open the eyes of their heart unto salvation. As for academic education, I believe we have a number of faithful options when it comes to how our children are educated. There are any number of models and methods and many, many different ways people have done it over the years. But for the sake of brevity, we’re broadly exploring the big three – public, private and homeschool. 

The point of these interviews is not to offer a prescription for your situation or tell you WHAT to think but rather help you with HOW to think about this important decision. It’s what I have wanted as my own husband and I have had these conversations. To hear some real, boots-on-the-ground experiences, questions and answers and encouragement to do the best with what we have and know today, trusting our great God to bring the harvest as only He can. 

I pray it blesses everyone who listens, helping you to put this decision in perspective and put your hope in Jesus alone. I know I need this reminder daily! 

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