Finding Humor in Everyday Moments | Surprise Episode w. Holly Mackle | Ep. 24

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Join me for a laugh and a lighthearted chat with Holly Mackle, author and curator of Same Here, Sisterfriend. 

Holly believes we as moms and women need to laugh more, which is exactly what led her to curate the book Same Here, Sisterfriend. The book explores the misadventures of motherhood and the hilarity of everyday motherhood. 

I loved chatting with Holly and totally feel like this book is well-timed for many of us who tend towards seriousness and heavy-hearted issues. What about the lighter side of life? I love that Holly finds the humor in everyday situations and she’s truly someone I wish I was neighbors with because she’s simply a joy to talk to. 

Mackle is a contributing author at Engaging Motherhood. Full of wit and charm, Mackle guides readers through a collection of hilarious and vulnerable tales written by moms who have seen it all.

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Show Notes

Hey Guys, welcome to Kindled. This is episode 23. I can’t believe we’re here. It’s crazy that we’re up in the 20’s, we’ve been doing this for a while. About six months. It keeps getting better and better and it’s so fun for me. I have loved the recent interviews that I’ve had with authors and today I’m speaking with another author who is named Holly Mackle, and she is the author of Same Here Sister Friend. It is a book that is self-titled “Mostly True Tales of Misadventures in Motherhood” so you can imagine what is inside it’s pages. One of the things that Holly says is you come for the hilarity and stay for the heart about her book and her platform. And I just love her fun and rambunctious spirit. I honestly wish that we were neighbors because she would be one of those people that you just always love talking to and she makes you feel good about yourself, talking to her. Honestly, I can even tell you that from our interview. Holly, she got together a group of women to write a book together, about the misadventures of authentic motherhood. And the book is full of wit and charm. Holly guides readers thru a collections of hilarious and vulnerable tales written by mom’s who have seen it all. So, this is a really fun interview and I’m excited for you to hear it. And we also are going to announce at the end a really fun giveaway of one of the books. So stay tuned for details on that at the end of the interview. Alright. Here is my interview with Holly.

Today we have Holly Mackle and she is the author of Same Here Sister Friend. Holly,
thank you so much for joining us on Kindled. Would you mind introducing yourself and just kind of sharing a little bit about who you are?

Sure. Thanks for having me. I’m so glad to be here. I really enjoy your show and I am a wife and a mom in Birmingham, Alabama. My husband David is a residential realtor and a wonderful very kind patient man and then we are the parents of two girls aged seven and four. I’m a writer
but I really see myself as more of a curator and someone who lifts up the voices and talents and stories that God has put into the lives of specifically other women.

Mm-hmm. That’s awesome.
So how did you like get started on this journey of being a curator? Because that’s a unique
perspective to have of yourself and I’m curious like where did that come from? And how did, how has that evolved?

Yeah, it is different. I do think writing can be very isolating and you just spend a whole lot of time in your head and after our first book, which was a collaborative effort called Engaging Motherhood came out, I realized that one of the things I enjoyed the most about putting that book together was that there were seven of us on the project. I loved working alongside the other women and just iron sharpening iron and us being able to, you know, that back and forth of editorial and that encouraging one another and saying “I think there’s more here” and I’m really digging in deep together and I realized that I think that’s my true gifting. I do love to write. I think it’s a blast. I love to be; well, not all the time; but I do like to you know be alone and kind of be up in my head and see what the Lord has for me. That he wants to do in me and the ways he is working through me and sanctifying me. But gosh, I love to come alongside other women and encourage them and see what the Lord has for them, that they might be able to then turn and encourage other women with that.

Yeah, that’s a unique gift because I think..Well, at least for me, that’s so different than like how I view my own gifting. I love that you said like you to spend time alone up in your head where you’re really like connecting with the holy spirit to understand like “What is my you know kind of like, what is my trajectory here and like what am I here to do? and What’s my goal?” But at the same time you are looking outwards and you’re looking at other people and you’re saying I can bring them into that. I mean, that’s have you kind of always like been someone that’s like
I don’t know like outward facing towards others cuz that, that can be a really hard role to play?
I think sure, you know, integrating the voices of other people and you know and even keeping your own clear in the midst of that.

Sure. I hope so. I don’t know if I can definitely answer that in the affirmative but that is one of the one of the sort of personality attributes I would love to develop in myself even further. I just long to be an inviting person. I think that’s what’s at the core of the gospel. It’s an invitation. And so I think we as believers are called to be inviting people and gosh, I hope I’m doing that. I do love to do that. Especially through writing.

Yeah, so about your book Same Here Sister Friend, so this is obviously, you know aligns with everything we just talked about. So can you talk about the format of the book a little bit and just give a little more detail of of how you wrote it and what it is?

Yeah. Okay, so Same Here Sister Friend is mommy humor essay and what I mean by that is that it’s again a collaborative effort. It’s a sum total of 12 women on the project. They come from very different walks of life. You know, we have working moms. We have stay-at-home moms. We have moms of older kids moms of young ones and What I love about the project is that the voices are different. But really the heart behind everything is so very similar and these women are just loving their people. They’re loving Jesus and they see that they are completely doing it imperfectly and want to laugh about it. Like they want to have a light-hearted approach to things and be able to step back away from the moment and say God, what are you up to here? Because this, quite frankly, is utterly ridiculous. So that’s that’s kind of a part of the project. It came from a place of longing for more for the Christian community in regards to humor or There are women out there who I believe are really doing humor with excellence. For believers, I think of Sophie Hudson who wrote our wonderful forward and of Melanie Schenkel. Those women are really doing it great. But I know so many women who love their Bibles and a perfectly timed Mary Katherine Gallagher impersonation. Some really truly funny women.


Where those women get to write on a lot of these platforms just tend to be a little more serious in nature. So yes I wanted to do is create that platform.

Yeah, I think that’s like a and maybe I don’t maybe I had never even thought of it because I don’t really know very many funny Christian women. In real life, I have friends that are funny. But like yeah as far as in like you’re saying in the public eye. It feels like that’s not really maybe been the role of the woman, you know in the public perception or kind of like how how we are taught to think about ourselves. And I think that’s like shifting a lot and thanks to people like you who are you know, putting out content and showing like I can be both godly and both like respectful and
hilarious and I can you know be a little bit irreverent in the sense of like things that are not sacred.


Why is my two year old is throwing this tantrum right now? Like isn’t it’s not not a sacred thing. It’s perhaps still a holy moment in that like I you know my right response and my like
attitude about it can be godly but also make light of the ridiculousness of life, right?

Right exactly.

But you can speak to that more than I can.

I love it. I think first of all, I believe as a Christian that God wants us to redeem all parts of humanity, not just these things that we sort of deem more sacred or holy or anything and I think it’s unfortunate that humor has kind of been put into the camp of the secular a lot.But I mean like the God of the Bible the God of Balaam’s asks, the God of Adam and Eve. “Where are you?” as if he didn’t know. You know and the God of the Israelites throwing the gold into the fire and saying “Oh the calf just popped out like this like the calf just made itself out of the mire.”Like that’s a pretty funny God that would include stuff like that in his most holy and high scripture. So, you know, I do think it’s an interesting place for women and I noticed that you mentioned that and kind of picked up on that.I think it’s there’s something about a woman in the church with a sense of humor is just maybe not accepted or welcomed in the same sense that maybe a man in the church with a sense of humor is. there might not also be a platform as such but
girl, I totally believe we are just called to be salty and bright to the world and what a way to invite women to him other than to sit around and laugh together and find our mascara running down our faces and gosh, that’s what I hope this book does.

Yeah. I love it. What experiences in your life kind of led you to this idea of you know sharing. You said you have a seven and four-year-old, I think primetime for I’m sure a lot of hilarious moments as a mom. I have only a 4 and a 2 and I am like laughing at them daily. Anything that they’re saying I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” and I imagine it’s only gonna get better. Yeah, like what personal experiences kind of led you to this place of like this concept for the book because it’s a unique concept and kind of structure.

Okay. Sure. Yeah. So I’ve been a member of this fabulous book club that really should be called a wine club for a really long time now. In fact, I’ve been telling people it’s been together for five years, but I think it’s been together since before my first daughter was born so we might be going on like eight or nine years now. I’m not even really sure but we meet once a month. The hostess picks the book and it’s just a time to be together and enjoy one another and if you’ve read the book great, if you haven’t come and be together and you know as as we’ve all sort of had children and then had more children attendance for people has not always been excellent. So, you know and then also just the ability to read the books has gone down over time because of where we are but a couple of years ago. I guess it was going on three years ago now, one of my friends picked a humor book and I won’t tell you the name but I will tell you I love this humor book. I think it’s amazing. It’s hilarious. A lot of the things in our book are sort of modeled after this book. It’s just a collection essays, but it is by one singular a secular author who I from everything I can tell she does not proclaim Jesus in her life. Gosh, I wish that she would. I don’t think that she does but you know, we showed up for book club that night and there were a bunch of us there and every single person in the room had read. Like Haley, everyone had read and that really got me thinking “What is so different about this?” Well, first of all, it’s a great book. It’s hilarious. But we’ve read lots of great books, you know offerings have been great. The pics have been great. This was our first humor pic and everybody was drawn to it so that made me think “You know this might just be all that we have capacity for right now.” Like something you can pick up when you have two minutes in the carpool line or something that you can read for 20 minutes at night before bed not something that requires a lot of mental energy. However something that doesn’t dishonor, you know the God that we love and serve our families, you know, I love victimless humor. I’m such a fan of that concept of victimless humor and humor that’s free of things that would create shame or cause shame for those we love or those that we don’t know and so I just kind of thought “Is this possible? Could we do this?” It really started as an experiment. Is it possible for us to create a collaborative essay book for moms?
That makes you cry and laugh and laugh cry, snort laugh and all that kind of good stuff. Like can we do this and gosh I hope we’ve done it.

Yes. Well, I haven’t made it all the way through but with the chapters that I have read I
am in love like I think it’s it’s genius and it’s so..What I love is that you know, we know like we hear as moms that like you’re not alone like “Oh me too!”You know, I’m in the same boat. Like my kid does the same thing but just like reading this the particulars or like the actual details of a life and seeing how aligned, how similar everybody is, it just like takes kind of some of the shroud and the burden of that mystery and the weight that you might feel that like someone else is doing it better than you someone else has the answers. Comparisons never never good, but well it’s easier to not compare when you truly know like yeah, actually this is what I’m dealing with and maybe my kid isn’t throwing a tantrum, but she’s doing this and yes, I’m laughing about it to keep from crying about it. I feel like that ridiculousness unites us like a really that’s that’s a whole nother place of sharing when you tell something ridiculous, you know?

Yes, I have to share a funny thing that happened with my daughter last week. She had VBS and she’s always been a little sensitive to sound. Like loud sounds. Like ever since she was baby.
If a kid around her is crying she’s crying like she’s just without fail and now she’s four and she’s still that sensitive. She’s definitely gotten better and having a sibling helped a lot. But at VBS like her group was in the front row in the church sanctuary and so up near the music where everything was coming blasting out of the speakers. So it was very loudest right where her group was. And you know the second day we came in and everybody was; we were like five minutes late; so everyone was already cheering and she was clearly.. I was like, “This is not gonna go well.” cuz we came into them all going “Yeah!” and it was just like too much for her
so she already had started kind of like “I don’t want to go.” And so her group leader instantly recognized that and it was like “Do you want to go sit in the back row?” and and I was like
This is great. Like yes, that would probably solve the problem. And so she went and sat in the back row and that’s all I kind of knew was that she was sitting in the back row all the days at VBS. Instead of in the front which I was great with and but then on the last day at drop-off
I was staying chatting with a friend and then I looked and saw her in the back row and she actually had on like headphones as large as yours. Like noise cancelling headphones. So I was like so she can’t hear the music like she still knows all the songs. So she definitely could hear it.
They must not have like blocked out all the sound, but she totally like knows all the motions. You know they have all that this soundtrack of music that we can listen to on Spotify and she knows all the little motions that go with the song. So yeah, she must have heard it not. Yeah, I mean, but she loved it. She was like, yeah, the teacher gave me the headphones out of the blue bag and I was like well you know if that’s what it took but I just looked in and was like
Cracking up like there’s this one kid in the back row in headphones and it’s like, you know
What whatever it takes for you to be happy. I guess this is great like this is this is a win and I’m glad your teacher had that so that’s right. So why should moms buy this book? What will they get from it? Like obviously, you know, you’re saying like it’s just easy and light and fun and I want to hear from you like yeah Why moms need it why do they need in their lives?

I am a firm believer that pretty much every mom out there needs a good laugh like at the very base of it. I think we need to laugh. So that’s what I hope that women will get out of this is a really great laugh. Some of our best and most vocal supporters so far have been men, which I never ever ever expected. Completely out of the blue, but we are hearing from quite a lot of men who are saying “My wife was laughing so hard last night that she woke me up.” Like You know awesome. I hope that it’s working. I hope that we are hitting our goal there.

Yeah, that’s awesome. Well, I would imagine like I don’t want to presume that this is true.. But like sometimes it seems that men have an easier time laughing about things than women? Yeah
I don’t know if that’s because for a lot of us not all of us but for a lot of us we are maybe having more face time with the kids and are like maybe drained by the time they get home and we’re like “Yeah, there’s less that’s funny to me now because I’ve been dealing with this all day my like capacity for dealing with this is like already drained” And that’s not true in every case. I know I have a friend whose dad is actually, her husband is the one that stays home with the kids. So maybe it’s reversed in that family. I don’t know like what? Yeah, I wonder if the husbands are like, yes thank you for making my wife laugh and lightening her up a little bit.

I hope so. In this house we have, we have a little something we call Fun Dad. And I love to give my husband a really hard time about fun dad.

Yeah, what’s fun dad?

Fun Dad tends to show up about three-and-a-half minutes before bedtime. I don’t know if you’ve met fun dad, but fun dad does things like flipping kids continually. Yeah, or being like, you know who wants to have a dance party? Yes, I’m shooting daggers out of my eyes and smoke is coming out of my ears. if I look I’ve been with them all day long, right? It’s time for fun dad to go away. Like it’s just bedtime right now.

Yes, I agree. I think they come in and they’re like, hey, let’s have a great time and I love my kids and the women are like, okay

Yeah, like now right right
Yeah, and obviously we’re making generalizations there that aren’t true in every household. But yeah, I mean that that that’s true for me. I think a lot of times they come home tired too. You know, they’ve been.. we had that conversation all the time, you know I’m like, well you you’ve been away at an office all day. Just enjoying your peace and quiet at your desk like I wish I got to go work in an office and he’s like “Oh, I would trade places with you in a heartbeat” and I’m like, okay fine. Yeah, I don’t know so what has it been like starting and building this business with two young kids and how are you doing that? Do they do preschool? I guess you have one in school, right?

Yes I have one in school and then one in preschool and I really have to say that there’s no way I could do what I do. I don’t think I’d be able to carry on a writing life and you know a personal life with my girls, without Prairie school.

Yeah, preschool works. I also love preschool and missing it a little bit this summer.

So, we have a great appreciation for those preschool teachers, right?

Oh, yes. Yeah. Yeah, whatever the costs. I will pay it. Yes.

Yes, I also unfortunately for the last several years have not been that excellent of a sleeper.
So that has been one of the things that I’ve just kind of learned to embrace that when I wakeup early most of the time I just wind up getting up and coming in and the house is really quiet and I can just have time with The Lord and then get to work a lot of times. My husband says that he can tell when I wake up. It’s like my brain just immediately starts going and so if that happens, I just, I have to up and get it out

Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s so you’re getting up early. Like how early?

Well kind of the 3 a.m. Hour somewhere between 3 & 4 is kind of what I call my witching hour.


So that typically give me, you know a good two to two and a half hours before the girls start waking up and stirring around.

So then when do you have to go to bed?

Well I generally fall asleep on the couch to whatever show we are watching at night.We like love survivor, but are kind of recent survivor fans. I think that’s you know unheard of that people haven’t been watching five decades or something, right? We haven’t and so we will watch you know an old survivor. Okay, and David says he’ll look over and I’ll be snoring.

So yes, yeah, okay
I’m always curious about the particulars of that when someone does like really get up that early because I’m such a late, late night person that I’m like, “Okay wait, so you get like four hours of sleep at night?” But no, you’re not going to bed at eleven. You’re going about it like 8:30, okay. So what do you think has helped you grow your business in this, you know.. do you call it a business? I mean it is is it a ministry, a business, a book? I mean, how do you like? How do you think about that?

That is a very complicated question. I think you should talk to my husband about this. Okay, okay. Because that’s that’s the thing about being a new writer being a writer on the younger spectrum of things really. I’m just kind of starting to get my feet up and under me and I’m thankful to be paid for my work, but I also longed to write for the church and so I don’t want to
set things up in such a way where it’s not also a ministry so I kind of feel like I have a foot in both camps if that makes any sense and I’m thankful that that I don’t have to only take jobs in this place that we are right now in life that are for pay. That’s just, you know, basically a part of the circumstance right now and that may not always be the case but for right now we’re both very thankful for that and just kind of try to write widely and write wherever I can. David says that I am in way too many places because I’m also a garden writer. I’m the humorous for a gardening site called I was with the PBS show called Growing A Greener World and I loved writing there. I have such a blast dish there And so I write there. I write at the encourage blog.

I didn’t know you were a gardener

I am a gardener and for you to know right now just a few minutes ago about 20 minutes ago
I looked out, I looked out at my garden and saw this big fat rabbit jumping around my yard.

They are the worst.

They are totally eating everything.

Yes. Dang, man. I just have gotten into gardening the last couple years so I’m gonna have to look it up. I want to find your articles on this site because I haven’t really started like delving into maybe the culture or world of gardening more than just like doing it in my own backyard. But I mean, it’s America’s number one hobby,so I know there’s like a ton of blogs and magazines and articles and I’m just like kind of learning as I go. Like I just learned that cilantro doesn’t grow like very well in the heat. I’m like “Oh that explains why my cilantro died in June every year.” and I just kept thinking I killed cilantro and I’m just cursed to kill cilantro.

But hey, you can plant that cilantro sort of toward the end.

Yeah. Yeah
I mean just like finding out little things like that. You’re like, okay, this is how this is how this works. You actually have to learn and then you can become good at something.

Are you having a good time?

Yeah. No, it’s so fun. We started we we built raised beds in our backyard last year that was our big project and now it’s you know, I mean probably the classic problem like it’s not enough space. So now I’m like, well, we need more we don’t have enough and but yeah I’m like growing all my greens and I have kale and lettuce and all that. So I haven’t had to last two years from like May to you know, September I haven’t had to buy any greens, which is awesome. That’s so cool.

Yeah, that’s so cool. Let me tell you a little a little trick about gardening. It’s like that book “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.” Mmm, so you’re always gonna want more varieties.

Yep, it’s so true seriously. So what do you grow?

All sorts of things. I grow also in raised beds like you and then I have just recently started getting into we’re saying hum but mostly it’s been all vegetable. Okay. But we have a peach tree. I’d do blackberries. We love growing berries around here. That’s so fun. So right now what’s really in that I’m harvesting pretty much every day is squash and the zucchini and the cucumbers.
Blackberry Season is almost finished. We just picked the last peach and then tomatillos. I wonder if you could grow those that might be a good plant. Yeah Those are coming up and I’m peeking out because I can see oh and the rabbits have decimated my edamame. Oh my gosh
Yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Dang. That’s awesome. You’re harvesting like every day. You must have a big space a
Large space. Yeah. We might have to have a separate episode on gardening
I would I would just want to ask you too many questions people be like, okay, this is so boring.

I may not know the answer, but I can almost guarantee you that I can say well I know the guy who will know that. Yes.

Yes, there you go. Maybe we’ll do a Kindled episode “Our home gardening.” Like homesteading. That’s a thing right? I don’t consider myself that but I..

Yeah, we’re not homesteaders. But I do think in the case of a zombie apocalypse there would be quite a few people knocking at our doors and am I right like they’re gonna want to eat zucchini and their squash.

Okay, I mean at least I’ve got that to barter with like if all money loses value I have kale so
Yeah, I can do trades with the the health and nutrition pros in Kansas City, so. So what is what’s the most challenging about this season? Like you have this new book and you know what has been hard and like, you know, either getting it out there or sharing or I guess just like when you have this mission and this gift of a message from from the Lord and that is inspired that often we can come under attack and like what what is hard in this season for you?

Sure, I would say the hardest thing personally kind of within the boundary of our home is just time and me really wanting to be intentionally a part of my writing life and wanting to be intentionally a part of my home life and spending intentional time with my girls and being present there. So that’s kind of one of those things where I feel like I’m continually just repenting or continually asking the Lord to give me wisdom as I walk into that and then when it doesn’t go as planned or the way I would want, to repent and ask for forgiveness and to believe in the truth of the gospel and what Jesus has done on my behalf and then to ask for the grace to fight to move forward. And you know to wake up the next day and to give it another shot and I don’t want to be hard on myself when it comes to that. But I tell you it’s just it’s tricky business trying to balance you know a career or writing also with with personal life. So one of the things our school here gets out really early. It’s out at 12:40. And so a lot of things I try to do is get everything done before that final bell when I pick up my daughters so that they can sort of have my attention and focus in the afternoons and I think this was one of the questions you told me you were gonna ask but tips or ideas from a working mommy I will tell you my number one thing that saves me is my iPhone notes because oftentimes even though it’s it’s clock out time for me
And I’m now going to be with my girls. A lot of times. My brain won’t shut down on the exact timetable that my time to stop working shuts down so one of the things that has helped me tremendously is to just Pull up that iPhone note and like jot myself a word or two words
Something I need to do or an idea or a funny thing I just heard one of my daughters say that I want to make sure shows up in a piece somewhere. And I just try to like jot it down and then let it go. I know that that iPhone note is gonna be there the next morning, you know
Whatever time I wake up to get it into another document or to put it somewhere else. Yeah, I do sort of create myself a boundary of safety there too where it’s like okay brain. Hey, it’s it’s shutdown time and just get it out and get it down so that you don’t forget about it. That’s helped me.

Yeah, that is that’s a good idea. I use iPhone notes a lot too. I know some people have other specific Notes apps but I just find it’s like it’s so easy because it’s right there on my home screen. And I guess I could move it and put a different one there, but I it just is so simple. So I love it. Um, well that was the first of my of those three questions. So why don’t I just ask you next one? What do you do for fun?

You know, I love to spend time in the garden. I actually think that weeding is cathartic. I love to do that and so a lot of times I’ll put on a podcast yours or somebody else’s and go out there and just spend you know a little bit of time in the garden pulling stuff up and my girls will be out there playing. They have this set of like garden fairy little statues. They love to set up all around the place or ride their bike out there. So we just we’ll get outside and that generally happens kind of like, but well this time of year It’s happening later in the afternoon because it’s just so hot. Yeah But we just get out there and have a little time and yeah, I feel like that helps my brain shut down. Yeah

Yeah, and just I don’t know something about like the physical you know kind of the manual labor aspect of like gardening and like I mean there’s obviously so many parallels to like our spiritual life and yeah, and and that’s you know we don’t have to go there because we know we know about that but it’s just like it’s really it’s really fun to like put in that labor in that effort and then see the fruit literal like the actual fruit of your labor and like “I grew that.” I mean really God grew it but you know, like I planted that seed and I made sure that it was watered. And yes, like things are happening while I’m sleeping like I’m waking up to vegetables. This is amazing. Like I don’t have to go shopping for this. It’s already there. Like I’m achieving with right and left like I’m not like I’m in here and they’re out there doing their thing.

Girl, you nailed me between the eyes. Yes. Only only a three would get that, right?
There’s work happening that I’m not even doing so.

We are very efficient

Granted no some could argue. It would be more efficient to just go buy all those things and not like go spend hours . Actually cost of that to me no, it was actually $10 to me that tomato and it was worth every bite. Every penny that I spent. So, how do you rest?

You know, this is a very good question. So I think that definitely getting outside getting in the yard getting in the garden and then at nighttime with my husband when we’re just kind of like shutting everything down. We love a good early bedtime around here for our girls. Like they go down early. It’s just something we’ve always done. This is not like oh yeah, you know judgment on bedtime, but gosh we love that really early bed time. like yes He and I are just able to relax and unwind and hang out together.

Yeah, I mean, I guess you already answered that so I know that you rest to survivor

We totally rest just each other or he would say I snore too. So yeah

That’s awesome, so and I’m curious because I only have a four year old as my oldest there
This summer has gotten us a little later. So we’re like, we’re like 8 o’clock for bed is that like can the seven-year-old still go to bed at 8.

I don’t know no idea, you know think you should ask us my sister. She’s like the bedtime

You have a seven-year-old, right?

I do have a seven-year-old. Yes, but I mean as far as like what time is okay?

Well, I mean like when do when do you guys when do they go to bed?

They’re typically down during the summer about seven.

Oh wow.
That’s cool cool a good six like six or six-thirty.

Yeah, but they’re probably up really early.

They’re up at about six thirty yes. Okay. Yeah found that it doesn’t matter what time they go down
They wake up at the same time the next day.

Yeah In season seasons I have yeah right now my two-year-old is like she no matter when she goes to bed it feels like she’s staying up till 9:00 in her bed. Like even if she goes to bed at 8:00
Like she’s and in the fall should they were going about at 7:00 and but she’s sleeping till 9:00 in the morning. So if I woke her up, I know if I woke her up, she would go to bed sooner, but I’m like I love having those couple hours in the morning with you know, my younger daughter my older daughter alone and making breakfast without you know, two kids chomping at my heels. So I it’s working for me right now. It’s summer I think this fall it’ll change. But yeah for the summer it’s working. Well, Holly. Thank you so much for spending time today chatting. It’s been so fun to get to know you and I’m excited for this book and we’re actually going to announce that we’re doing a giveaway of one of these books because you sent me okay, an extra one. And so we’re gonna do that on social media. So when people hear this episode they can go and they’ll have to follow both of us to in order to win this book So yeah, that’s gonna be awesome. And where can people connect with you online?

So on Instagram, you can find us at Same Here Sister Friend and on Facebook you can find us either both linked up either Same Her Sister Friend or Engaging Eotherhood will take you to the same spot and still has ongoing weekly content that tends to be a little bit more serious nature, so For the humor stuff, really? It’s an it’s in the books Same Here Sister Friend and then you can find me on Joe Gardener.

Oh, yeah, I’m excited. I’m gonna check it out right now.
Thank you so much. Holly.

Thanks for having me, right?

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