Fully Occupying Your God-given Space | Ep. 46 | Heather MacFadyen

Jan 22, 2019

In today’s episode, I got to talk with Heather MacFadyen of the @dontmomalone podcast! 

I love Heather’s show and it was truly a treat to get to talk to her about what God is teaching her and share this encouragement from her with you guys!

Heather and I chat about so much- calling vs. assignment, what humility looks like and how we can step into our lives BOLDLY this year. Not because we are strong or skilled or our reputation is on the line, but because of confidence in who we serve. 

We discuss how our faith informs our fear, not the other way around. Our boldness for living in the world is rooted in the object of our faith. 

Heather even speaks directly to women in business and reminds us we don’t have to muster a false confidence in ourselves in order to be successful or capable or doing the job in front of us when it comes to our work. 

This conversation just doesn’t get old. We always need the reminder that God delivers 100% of the time on the promises He makes. And the building up of our faith often means going through challenging, building and stretching situations.

I hope you enjoy this episode from one of my own favorite podcasters!

Did you catch the big announcement in this episode? Kindled is turning 1!

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