Imperfect Purpose | Jennifer Edewaard | Ep. 86

Imperfect Purpose | Jennifer Edewaard | Ep. 86

Oct 28, 2019

Jennifer Edewaard is no stranger to difficulty. After struggling through many years of unexplained infertility, she gave birth to her first child when he was just 23 weeks old. 

After a traumatic birth and countless surgeries and challenges, she’s continuing to learn what it looks like to trust God with the unknown and the uncertainty of every day. She’s leaning into the imperfections of everyday life and seeing God’s perfect purposes working in and through them. 

Jennifer is an imperfect wife, mama, and friend, passionate about living out His perfect purpose of making Him known, even in her own imperfection. She’s a writer and speaker, and is on fire for women to get to know God for themselves.

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