Lasting Friendships | Kendra Woodrow | Ep. 16

by | May 8, 2018 | Encouragement, Friendship | 0 comments

Join my best friend Kendra Woodrow and I for this conversation about friendship that we recorded in the tiny house we rented in Austin, Texas.

We took a girl’s trip there for Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour Live Event and exploring the city of Austin.

Kendra and I have maintained a deep and lasting friendship despite the many miles between us and differences in life stages and experiences – and today we share how that has looked for us over the years and in different seasons. Although I live in Kansas City and she lives in Nashville and we’ve only lived in the same city two of the 10 years we’ve been friends, we’ve managed to maintain a very deep and open relationship – and today we’re dishing on how we’ve done that in our friendship!

If you like listening in on a conversation between girlfriends, you’ll love this one.

Get ready for laughs and sarcasm from two best friends.

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