Mompreneur mastermind: From network marketing to passive income products | Ep. 67 | Stefanie Gass

Mompreneur mastermind: From network marketing to passive income products | Ep. 67 | Stefanie Gass

Jun 17, 2019

Tune in as I talk with Stefanie Gass, the host of the Mompreneur Mastermind podcast, and she shares her story. 

It’s one that started out in network marketing, where she became a top 1% network marketer and had achieved all of the income, 17K months, trips, recognition… but was still missing something. She wasn’t doing what she was truly passionate about. 

When she transitioned into educating female entrepreneurs on faith-led business and balance mentorship, everything shifted. She also started a podcast and paired it with passive income products and in this episode she’s taking us behind the scenes of how she did that. 

Full of practical business wisdom for the mom entrepreneur, you will glean so much know-how and energy from Stefanie’s story. 

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Three Tips for Achieving a Passive Income Based Business 

Have you considered fully automating your business? Are you currently in the midst  of doing so? Are you seeking the freedom to sit back, relax, and earn passive  income? With God at the forefront of her life, Stefanie Gass is a mama, wifey, coffee addict,  and mompreneur! Her mission is to help moms become “Powerhouse Bosses” and  empower female entrepreneurs to re-frame their mindset with the help of her  positive platform, online courses, and coaching services.  There’s a lie going around the internet that sounds a little like – “Passive income  business owners don’t have to do anything.” Ha! Maybe in a perfect world…  Although Stefanie earns passive income through her ebooks and online courses, she  continues to put in time and energy to create fresh content and to personally  connect with her audience. On the ​Kindled ​podcast, she openly shared three  important actions that entrepreneurs must implement in order to achieve a passive  income based business. 


“​If you want to have an online, passive income business, you must have a platform  first”, Stefanie said. She believes that there is beauty in pouring out free content,  sharing your story, and becoming an expert in a certain niche. As you grow your  platform, people begin to know, like, and trust you. They are likely seeing your  authenticity and willingness to share while binge watching or listening to your  content. They might even begin thinking “maybe that human is my human and I  want to work with them and pay them for something”.  Whether you prefer going LIVE on Facebook, filming YouTube videos, or recording  podcast episodes, do it consistently. Show up for the people who invest their time in  learning from you. Provide them with valuable tips, information, and  encouragement that keeps them coming back for more. 


“While you are building a platform, you can create products that are almost 100%  profit margin,” Stefanie explained. She suggests designing inexpensive ebooks and  online self-study courses to offer at various price points. Stefanie has monetized her  podcast by casually encouraging listeners to check out her ebook to learn more  about the topic she is discussing. Once the reader falls in love with the ebook content, they are likely to want more of what is offered and become interested in  purchasing an online course.  Consider these questions when creating passive income products. What are you  hearing from your avatar over and over again? What do they need from you? What  are you currently learning and implementing that they could benefit from? Once  you have a clear understanding of what content they are in need of, bring it to life. 


Stefanie believes that there is power in picking up the phone. “When I was just  selling through email, I made roughly 2% sales. On the phone, 90% conversions”, she  said. She encourages her audience to “Chat With Stef” when they become interested  in her courses or coaching services. Within their 15 minute phone call, she  intentionally solves a problem and directs them to one of her courses that would  benefit them the most.  Yes, picking up the phone might sound intimidating, but it’s a great way to build  value and relationship. Simply discuss what they are struggling them and offer them  a solution. Introduce them to one of your courses that would best improve their  situation or help them achieve a certain goal. Be sure to keep the conversation  casual and short!  As you can see, passive income isn’t about sitting back and not doing anything. It’s  about growing a platform that draws people in, offering content that improves their  lives, and intentionally connecting with them. Stefanie believes that by  implementing these three key actions, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to  earn passive income within their business. To learn more about Stefanie, her relationship with Christ, and her journey from network marketing to becoming a  business owner, tune into Episode 67 of the ​Kindled​ podcast. 

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