Progressive Christianity | Phylicia Masonheimer | Ep. 89

Progressive Christianity | Phylicia Masonheimer | Ep. 89

Nov 18, 2019

What do you call a moralistic, therapeutic version of Christianity that values questions over answers and being “good” over being “right?” 

Buckle up, ladies!

We’re in for an exciting and extremely important episode about Progressive Christianity. Honestly, this is a topic I’ve been dying to cover for a while. So when I found and started learning from Phylicia Masonheimer on those tiny squares in that addictive little app, I realized it had to be her to cover it with me on the podcast.

You’ll appreciate this episode as Phylicia walks us through the actual tenets of Progressive Christianity – what it actually is and what it purports as truth. 

We’ll identify both the good and the bad from this ideology and you’ll walk away equipped to identify it in the wild and help you steer clear of false teachings that are antithetical to the Gospel. 

Phylicia teaches Christian women how to know what they believe and live it boldly. She is a blogger, podcast host, and speaker. Her writing focuses on discerning truth in a culture of confusion and letting that truth draw us nearer to God. Phylicia lives in northern Michigan with her husband and children.

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