Receiving Your Season | Sara Hagerty | Ep. 48

Jan 28, 2019

Here we are in the middle of what feels like a loooong winter. That’s why this it’s the perfect time for this conversation with Sara Hagerty. We discuss how we need deep roots to make it through a long winter. Sara shares what it means to receive your season and that we can ask God what season we are in. 

Sara is a wife to Nate and a mother of six whose arms stretched wide across the expanse between the United States and Africa. After almost a decade of Christian life she was introduced to pain and perplexity and, ultimately, intimacy with Jesus. God met her and moved her when life stopped working for her. And out of the overflow of this perplexity, came her writing, both on her blog and in her books – Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet & Unseen: The Gift of Being Hidden in a World that Loves to be Noticed, both published by Zondervan. We also have a funny connection, which I mention in the episode. 

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