Redemptive Parenting | Kristen Hatton | Ep. 56

Mar 25, 2019

What if parenting wasn’t just an opportunity to course correct or provide behavior modification? What if it was a chance to mirror the gospel by acting to save someone from error or evil. That is the meaning of “Redemptive” and it is actually the model Christ calls us to as parents. 

Kristen and I chat about how when we parent out of our WEAKNESS rather than strength, our children can learn so much more and see that we have the same need of Jesus as they do.

This conversation was SO timely and helpful for me as a mom who loves to parent for the “outcome.” Kristen challenged me to see the error of that thinking and realize I had so many opportunities to teach a different – and more important – lesson. 

Kristen Hatton is the author of The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for StudentsFace Time: Your Identity in a Selfie World and Get Your Story Straight. She recently started Redemptive Parenting on Instagram with plans to expand that ministry alongside pursuing a masters in counseling. Kristen lives in Oklahoma with her pastor husband and is the mother of three teenage/young adult children.

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