Setting Your Business Up for Success | Rebecca Brown, CPA | Ep. 51

Feb 17, 2019

I get asked all the time “Do I need an LLC?” and  “Do I need a separate bank account for my business?” While I have thoughts and answers for these questions sometimes, I am not the expert on those issues — but Rebecca is! This episode is SUPER practical and contains tons of tangible advice and information for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I hope you enjoy it! 

In this episode, Rebecca and I chat about how she was able to identify her OWN skills in her business and develop a focused niche so she could serve her clients better. We also talk about how she developed strategies and changed her business model to solve some of the problems she had in her business – seasonal cash flow. 

Starting a business is quite the undertaking. Most of us just get started by providing a service or a product to a single client and getting paid. Sometimes we forget or ignore the practical steps that are so important to have in place for long-term success. Things like a separate bank account for our business, setting up an LLC, tax classification as a sole proprietorship or an S-Corporation, or even doing our books correctly! 

I know that was my story. I figured out so many of those pieces LONG after I was “in business.” Thankfully, I found people who knew more than I did and were able to help me retroactively get my ducks in a row. Rebecca Brown is one of those people! 

I handed my bookkeeping and accounting and tax planning/strategy over to her a few months ago, and I’ve never felt more excited about running and growing my business. Because that role was one that I was NEVER meant to do. I will never, ever be able to pass as an accountant! I hope you enjoy this episode with my personal CPA & tax strategist. 

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