Stress Less, Live More | Courtney Elmer | Ep. 17

by | May 16, 2018 | Encouragement, Motherhood, Work | 0 comments

On episode 17 of Kindled, I talked with empowerment speaker and stress coach Courtney Elmer about what’s keeping us stressed and stuck as women and female entrepreneurs. 

Courtney shared her battle with cancer in her early 20s and how that was the catalyst for lasting change in her OWN life. 
This conversation is full of real talk, practical help and encouragement for you that you’ll be able to implement TODAY as you seek to stress less and live more. 

I’m re-listening today too because I need these reminders on repeat!! Listen ’til the end when Courtney makes a generous offer for all my listeners to schedule something free that I believe will be massively beneficial and valuable for all of us. Mine is scheduled for this week!

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