Kelli Garms

Studying the Bible to Know God | Kelli Garms | Ep. 154

May 18, 2021

We know we’re supposed to read our Bible. We know we’re supposed to spend time in prayer. But that’s hard. So we turn to devotionals, studies, books, podcasts, blogs and more – because it’s easier. But the problem with this as our only diet of truth is – we don’t know how to read God’s very words in order to know Him. The Bible is God’s WORD, but do we treat it as such? Do we approach it with an understanding that we can not just know the Bible when we read it – but we can know its author? Kelli Garms learned that lesson herself when God stripped everything else she “used” to try to know Him or feel safe, and now she helps other women learn how to dig into God’s word *themselves* and learn how to mine not just for truth – but to know God Himself. 

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