The Busy Christian Mom’s Guide to Staying Informed with What’s Happening in the World

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The Busy Christian Mom’s Guide to Staying Informed with What’s Happening in the World

Jun 25, 2019

Whether you are looking for trustworthy resources to help keep you informed or just looking for a place to turn when you’re feeling out of the loop and want a more solid resource than Facebook to update you, this is for you. 

First off, let me say I am no expert in world events, politics or anything else “worldly” for that matter. I simply am a mom of two (almost three) young girls who desires to be engaged and awake to what is happening around me. I don’t want to fall asleep to the quiet hum of culture and wake up one day and wonder why I was so naive. I want to know how to give an answer for the hope that I have. I also want to understand the world my daughters will be growing up in and coming of age in. I want to know how to train and teach them and what will be the points of contention as they enter the school age years and encounter new teachings from other adults or their peers. I want to be informed. Not because I am fearful of the world, but because I am not of it.

We as believers know that this is not our home. But that does not mean it is not where we currently reside RIGHT NOW. And I believe if you are alive right now, you’re here for a reason and a divine purpose God has for you. And burying our heads in the sand doesn’t make any of the outside influences just go away or silence. Especially for our children. We owe it to them as stewards of their lives for a short while, to be informed, up to date and clued in to at least some degree as to what is happening in the world around us.

How do you propose we be effective missionaries at the neighborhood pool, at small group, in our children’s classroom or anywhere else if we have no clue what is really going on? If someone showed up in my city expecting to share a national or universal “truth” with me but had no bearing on what was actually happening in the city where I lived, I’d not take them seriously. They haven’t taken the time to do the research, listen to the stories/voices/realities I live in every day. They need to earn the right to be heard.

Similarly, I believe it’s one of the burdens we have as sojourners to not just speak the truth in love but understand HOW to do that for our current time. That’s what makes our apologetic all the more loving and effective. 

From 6th grade on, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a private Christian school. In one year of my 4-year Worldviews course, I read a book by Francis Schaeffer called “How Should We Then Live?” 

This book changed my understanding of how we share the truth that we have with others. 

One element of Schaeffer’s work that I found especially influential was his apologetic method of “taking the roof off.” Schaeffer argued that a person’s worldview is similar to a house; however, there is only one blueprint that can effectively explain all aspects of life and be lived out consistently—a Christian worldview. All other worldviews are defective in one way or another, because they are not actually based on God’s truth. 

Taking off someone’s ideological roof involves exposing the weaknesses and inconsistencies of his worldview. This is a necessary but dangerous task. When a roof is removed, Schaeffer states that “each man must stand naked and wounded before the truth of what is.” The reality of the world in which we live comes flooding in. Therefore, we must carefully deconstruct the roof so that the house can be rebuilt with truth. We can lovingly do this when we understand the problems/inconsistencies with that individual’s worldview. 

Once the roof is carefully removed and the individual has encountered reality, it is time to reconstruct his house. This is where the transformative power of the gospel comes into play. Schaeffer writes, “The truth that we let in first is not a dogmatic statement of the truth of the Scriptures, but the truth of the external world and the truth of what man himself is. This is what shows him his need. The Scriptures then show him the real nature of his lostness and the answer to it.” No longer must one live according to the course of the world. The true truth of the gospel allows us to see the world as God created it. We recognize the influence of the fall and the impact of sin upon our lives, but the believer now has the Holy Spirit to help him make sense of it all.

Of course, the Holy Spirit’s divine revelation to that individual is outside our control to deliver or apply. But taking the roof off with loving care requires us to understand WHAT is wrong with the roof in the first place! And how can we expect to be able to do that except by understanding first what they actually believe and how it differs from scripture.  

There was a time when my oldest daughter was very young that I completely hermitted from the world. It was just a season for me to hunker down and learn how to be a mom to this new child. I cared not what the headlines said or what the news said, and that was fine for me for a time. But after a year or two, I started to emerge, curious about what had transpired while I was away being a first-time mother. 

If you find yourself in such a time, do not feel the pressure to understand everything, for you never will anyways. Just know that eventually, the time will come that you will emerge, ready to enter back in with a newfound reason to know how to deliver an answer for the hope that you have in Christ. I hope the following list is helpful to you at that time. 

The following list is broken down by time of day and what I’m doing. Of course, every day looks different. But an average day looks like this for me. Yours will be different, but hopefully this helps you get an idea for how you could engage with some of these without setting aside separate times.

*This list is based on this Summer, when our schedule is a little more loose/relaxed

6:45am: Every morning when I wake up, before my kids are awake

Reading: THE BIBLE

There is really no better way to start your day than immersing yourself in the truth of God’s holiness and faithfulness. If I were to try to start my day any other way or with any other input, I would easily despair. It’s so important to be grounded in the truth that God is in control. He is not surprised by whatever is happening today that we may be surprised by. His sovereign hand is still ruling over the events of man and will uphold us in any flood that may come.

8:15am As I'm getting ready for the day/making the bed/doing my makeup

Podcast: The Briefing with Albert Mohler 

This podcast offers a daily update of what is happening in culture around the world from a Biblical worldview. Al addresses everything from abortion to education to gender identity and political happenings.

Anything that’s in the headlines is fair game and he publishes Monday-Friday every week! I love it for its brevity and the perspective he always offers.

Each episode is around 25 minutes.

9am Babysitter arrives and I start work OR on non-work days, we take a walk or play outside or go run errands,

11:30am Work Day: I'm doing design work for clients that enables multitasking OR Non-Work Day: I start making lunch while the girls are playing together.

Podcast: Relatable with Allie Stuckey 

Allie is awesome. She’s a conservative millenial (younger than me!) and she has a way with explaining current events and happenings in a clear, concise and compelling manner. Her episodes are between 30 minutes to 1 hour each, so I usually have to do half during lunch prep/cleanup and the other half I finish after lunch and before quiet time or during the beginning of my girls’ quiet time (1-3pm.) 

1-3pm: Dedicated (and precious) work time every day for me!

I don’t listen to anything unless I’m doing work that facilitates multi-tasking. 

3pm: The girls get up from QT and are allowed to have screen time for 1 hour while I get another hour of work or folding laundry or something in

Podcast: Just Thinking Podcast

This is my favorite podcast!! Truly. Hosted by Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker, they address issues of culture, society and theology from a biblical worldview by applying SCRIPTURE itself to each and every issue. They are wise, well-versed and I always learn so much from them. I save it for last and sometimes listen after the kids go to bed too, if I’m doing household tasks or often also when I’m driving. 

4pm on is family time for us. My husband gets home around 4 and we either go to the pool and do dinner around 6 or do an earlier dinner and hang out after. Maybe in the backyard, maybe get ice cream, maybe a walk, or the pool.

7:30pm is usually the time I'm walking into my room after putting the girls down and I take a 30 minute wind-down to either scroll social, lay in my bed and convince myself not to go to sleep for the night (hello, 22 weeks pregnant) and then either start some evening work for an hour-2 or do household stuff/hang out with my husband.

Sometimes I’ll listen to a podcast, other times I’ll read a book. Almost always we’ll watch an episode of our current show (right now, The Profit with Marcus Lemonis!) and go to bed between 10-11pm depending on our energy level. 

To be honest, I don’t browse a lot of news websites because I enjoy consuming audio and it fits better with my lifestyle. But a few trustworthy sites to keep me informed are:

What about YOU? What podcasts or news sites help keep you informed as you go about your day?! Share in the comments! 

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