The Purpose of Motherhood | September McCarthy | Ep. 125

Sep 8, 2020

Motherhood is full and glorious – but also filled with trials and suffering. If we don’t understand the purpose of our motherhood, we will get lost in everyday difficulties and no way to reclaim perspective. 

That’s what I discuss today with September McCarthy, mother of 10 and homeschool mama. She has a unique perspective of generational motherhood with children spanning from age 28 to 8 years old. She has grandchildren and children of her own still in her home, affording her the perspective of a multi-generational mother and seeing how unique and beautiful our purpose is in God’s kingdom. She shares so much wisdom and encouragement for those of us in the trenches. No matter what season of motherhood you are in, you will be encouraged by her testimony of God’s grace in her nearly 30 years of being a mother. 

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