The Truth about Social Justice | Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker | Ep. 68

The Truth about Social Justice | Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker | Ep. 68

Jun 24, 2019

What does “social justice” mean as we hear it today in culture? What does it encompass and include and how is it defined? What is justice as we see it in the Bible and who is responsible for its execution and implementation?

These are just a few of the questions I posed to the Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker, the hosts of the Just Thinking podcast, my absolute favorite podcast. I was honored that Darrell and Virgil agreed to come on the show and discuss this incredibly relevant and important topic with me.  

In this episode we discuss the question of whether this mainstream and secular idea of social justice is even in line with God’s plan for creation at all. And it turns out, it isn’t. 

There are so many incredible points made by the dynamic duo that it is hard to pick just one. But the overall takeaway for me was: Social justice IS NOT Biblical justice. 

It is inherently prejudicial as it seeks equality and justice for certain groups over others. Moreover, social justice is a manmade construct that is regularly touted as the highest good we could seek or pursue as a people. This is a boldfaced lie. 

But it’s a lie that is permeating churches across America and certainly across the world. 

And it more important now than ever for we as women seek to understand and know what the Bible says AND what it means in regards to the issue of justice. 

Tune in to learn the red flags to look out for as you navigate these tough conversations with friends, your church and your community. 

As believers, we are not given the luxury of shying away from tough topics or sweeping difficult realities under the rug. We must lean in. If the salt loses its saltiness, what purpose does it serve?

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