Welcome to Kindled | Ep. 1

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Encouragement | 0 comments

On today’s episode of the kindled podcast, I’m introducing myself and explaining why I decided to start the podcast and what is behind my heart for moms. I share how a podcast was pretty much last on my list when I started thinking about serving moms a few months ago. I thought I’d be dedicating the next 6 months to creating a digital course. But God redirected my heart in some specific ways and led me to the realization that a podcast would be what I’d need as a busy mom and business owner. So after a lot of prayer and wringing of hands and asking of, “are you sure, God?” I am jumping in.
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Hey guys! My name is Haley Williams. I am really excited and also a little nervous to be recording this very first episode of the podcast.

I live in Kansas City with my husband Joey and our two daughters Isla who is 3 and Juliette who is 19 months. I work from home and own two businesses – a bridal accessories company, and a web design & marketing company called H. Williams creative.
As you can imagine with two kids 3 and under, i’m really busy and what you would call “in the trenches.” so it was never in my plans to set out and launch a podcast, but as I sat on the message I felt like God laid on my heart for moms, it became clear to me there was no better way to reach busy moms like myself than through their headphones or car stereo after pre-school dropoff.

The message for this podcast has really been brewing in my heart much longer than it has in my head. I still kind of feel like Im playing catch up to what God’s doing in my heart.

I am going to spend the first few episodes of this show kind of telling my story and what brought me to where I am today, but I do want to explain the thought behind the name.

When I first started scheming about wanting to share some of my experience and what I’ve learned in the last 6 years from running two businesses while raising two kids, I certainly didn’t think it would be through a podcast. I thought it would be in a digital course. But as I continued to pray and sort of ruminate on what God was asking me to share and how I could best encourage others, it became clear the message was for moms – JUST LIKE ME.
I am a huge lover of podcasts, and listening in general. My friends all know – I’ve had an audible account for like 6 years and have probably 100 books in my audio library, because with two kids 3 and under and 2 businesses, I rarely have time to just sit and read a book. When I do I usually choose the bible. So I just realized a podcast made the most sense in terms of what media would be best for sharing my message.

So what is my message?
Basically, it’s simple. I want moms to be freed to live into their gifts. To use their talents. To live fully in whatever way they need to at the season of life they’re in.
And my desire for moms is that wherever they are at, they could live fully as the woman God made them to be. We’re going to talk a lot about work and how that ties into our gifts. I’ll also talk a lot about how to find out what you are good at or what you could do to serve others and your family – whether you’re looking for something to reconnect with your passions or a way to make a supplemental (or full time) income. So I HOPE that Whether you stay at home or work full time out of the home, there will be something here for you.

It’s no secret it can be really easy to forget who yOU are as a person, and as an indvidual, when you’ve been physically and emotionally tied to tiny humans for years. You can kind of lose touch with what you did before kids, or enjoyed or were good at. But when you reach a point as tiny infants become toddlers who maybe give you 30 seconds to start to wonder what you could do for yourself – to exercise and use the things you’re good at, the things God made you with, I think that’s when the conversations we’ll have here will be helpful.
I have been blessed enough to be able to use my gifts and skills to bless others AND make an income to help support my family’s finances, which I have always had to do. And my particular path has been to stay home with my girls while working what i like to say is a full time job on part time hours, that I create.
So while it’s really hard, and the boundary between work and life is often blurred and gray, it has been such a good fit for me and my family.
I’ll say up front here, before we launch, I don’t think that’s for everyone, for every family or every woman. I think each family has their own thing that makes sense for them – and I’m not ever going to say that staying at home is the only right way to do this thing.
I just want to encourage and uplift moms who are seeking that emotional boost, or pep talk, that business advice from a friend who’s been there, to say, you can do this. And we’re gonna talk through this otgether. This is my invitation to say, let’s chat. How can I help you. And not just me, but hopefully others who have way more experience and years under their belts than me.

But I’m excited to share my journey with you and the few things I’ve learned along the way, maybe they’ll be helpful to you, or just give you comfort to know, you’re not alone!