Well-Being in Physically Hard Seasons for Moms | Bridgette Binford | Ep. 64

Well-Being in Physically Hard Seasons for Moms | Bridgette Binford | Ep. 64

May 27, 2019

Motherhood is full of changing seasons. Things we used to rely on for sanity, strength, identity and purpose get ripped from our tightly gripped fingers by the grace of God. We are early in a pregnancy and can no longer work out the way we used to. Our time is not our own and meal planning the healthy choices we used to delight in has become a burden. We are overwhelmed by a difficult season or circumstance our child is going through, and life starts to feel all but under control. Our well-being gets pushed to the back burner as eating well, sleeping at night and all those other basic life skills we had acquired don a question mark behind them instead of a period. 

Bridgette Binford, MPH is a wife, mom of two precious kiddos, Georgia peach turned Colorado gal, and a Health & Productivity coach obsessed with helping women achieve their goals in life while maintaining a healthy glow inside and out. 

All of the above is why I was a bit nervous to talk to Bridgette about my own limitations in this season of life. But I posed some tough questions to her in a season that was particularly trying for me in the area of well-being and productivity: the first trimester of my third pregnancy. I asked her some hard questions, like: What about when my best healthy choice today was NOT eating ice cream at 12pm? What about when I physically CAN’T work out? What is health then? How does it look and what should I be aiming for? 

Bridgette was quick to offer understanding and grace and if you find yourself in a similar season where things don’t look quite like “normal” for you, I think you’ll agree. 


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