When God Redeems our Broken Places | Brooke Robinson | Ep. 66

When God Redeems our Broken Places | Brooke Robinson | Ep. 66

Jun 10, 2019


God is our Redeemer. He redeems us from our most broken places and sets us high upon the rock. So what does that look like when he takes even a broken and distorted childhood and blesses you and hundreds and hundreds of others though it? It looks like Brooke Robinson’s story. Brooke is the founder of BTribalFit, a community of women who support and cheer each other on centered on online workouts and accountability. 


I was so moved and inspired by Brooke’s story because it so clearly demonstrates how God stops at nothing to redeem every part of our life we give Him authority in. Even a childhood that is mostly forgotten or conveniently hidden by our memory can be used for good in the Kingdom of Jesus. 


You’ll love hearing how God is transforming women and bringing light and freedom through Brooke’s story and by the power of His grace in their lives. 


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