When Mommy’s Mad: Facing Your Anger | Natalie Hixson | Ep. 47

Jan 22, 2019

Today we’re discussing a topic EVERY mom has to face sooner or later in her motherhood: anger.

Our capacity for frustration, anger and all out rage can surprise us especially when motherhood is painted as a beautiful and magical thing — which it is. But the unsuspecting mother who might never have felt she was an “angry person” may be shocked to find the feeling well up within her when baby doesn’t nap. When fights seem incessant. When bickering and complaining is always just beneath the surface. When things don’t go as planned.

Natalie Hixson is all-too-familiar with those feelings. And her own personal battle against anger led her to become an author and Certified Professional Life Coach. Her mission and passion is helping discouraged and burnt out Christian moms overcome destructive anger so they enjoy being a wife and mom.  

If you struggle with anger as a mom, you want to listen to this episode with Natalie! 

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