Working from Home as a Mom of 8: Bonni Greiner | Ep. 4

Feb 11, 2018 | Encouragement, Motherhood, Work

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In this episode I talked with Bonni Greiner of Mom By Example – a ministry for mothers where Bonni shares her tips on child-rearing, marriage, and motherhood and offers real, down in the dirt style encouragement for moms like you and me. Bonnie has a vibrant Facebook community where she goes Live and shares her words of wisdom for moms everywhere.

What I love about Bonni’s unique story of motherhood and work is that although she started out with a broken and dysfunctional relationship to work, God was out to do something bigger. When she learned her passions and gifts didn’t have to leave her with guilt, but rather GRATITUDE, God actually redeemed work for her. She began working from home and found that it blessed both her and her family. She began living into the abilities and interests God gave her right where she was at – and she found freedom in that.

You’ll hear from a woman who went from running away from her responsibilities at home to raising 8 children and doing it with grace and truth as her focus. Her story shows us that there is truly hope for every mom, no matter what battle she is facing or what seems too big for her. Because we serve a God who is bigger than us and our problems or out anxieties. He is big enough to hold us and everything else in his grip and bring us through. And gracious enough to offer us people like Bonni who are a few years ahead, encouraging and speaking life and grace to mothers who desperately need to hear a message of grace. That there is freedom to still pursue their gifts and interests, and that it doesn’t have to look and in fact won’t look perfect really ever. But that this chapter you’re writing and in is an important one – so what do you want it to look like?

I encourage you to check out Bonni’s ministry at the links below and watch some of her Facebook live videos! They’re great!



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