You’ve Got Mail: Romantic Comedies & The Gospel | Lauren Gilmore | Ep. 50

Feb 11, 2019

Romantic comedies: a film genre many women love and some hate. The predictable plot lines. The perfect endings. Do we chalk it all up to the ridiculous or to entertainment or is there possibly something valuable worth gleaning?

Well, my friend Lauren Gilmore and I love a good chick flick. In particular, we love You’ve Got Mail. It’s our favorite. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks at their finest — what’s not to like?

So, in view of Valentine’s Day coming up this week and many a romantic comedy playing on cable, we thought we’d take a look at the movie through a gospel lens and see what we could find. Is there anything that could be redeemed to point us to Jesus? We had a hunch there would be a few redeeming facts about the movie to enjoy, but once we really started in, we learned even more than we had anticipated.

Ashley and I talk about how we see truth reflected in aspects of the movie as well as valuable lessons we can take away from the plot and characters. But we also share how Hollywood’s answer to our quest as humans created to be fully known and fully loved falls short, and how when we see it and identify it, it can serve to point us to our true love and all-sufficient hope – Christ Jesus.

The gospel impacts everything our lives – even what movies we watch and how we watch them. I hope this episode helps you think a little harder or watch smarter the next time you enjoy a chick flick and helps you appreciate that the gospel can be found in any narrative when we look hard enough. 

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